Via San Giovanni Battista, 24, 24060 Castelli Calepio BG - ITALY
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The point of reference
for those seeking
attention to detail

Looking to the future,
with an eye on tradition

Efficiency and punctuality,
not to lose sight
of our goals

Focused view and experience-based thought.

Our company

We have always looked beyond our horizons

Behind our work there is a careful look, aimed at seizing the best from the raw materials that we treat and transform for our customers. A continuous process of technological and production renewal, which has led us to develop a deep experience in fabric processing and ribbon production ranging from furniture to fashion application.

Our history

Industria Tessile Briolini

Our name is synonymous of quality, versatility and innovation applied to custom-made ribbon production. More than seventy years have passed since the foundation of our company in Palazzolo sull’Oglio (BS) and then we moved to Cividino di Castelli Calepio, Bergamo, Italy. A path that, like a ribbon, winds among generations.

From a work largely carried out by hand and using purpose-built machinery designed by the intuition of our founder, to the progressive automation of production processes, we became leaders in processing both poor fabrics or high-value materials and in the production of tapes for various applications.

Our values? Fast and punctual delivery, flexibility in quantities and maximum efficiency, with a vast color chart and large stock of finished products and raw materials.


years of experience


smq Finished-products warehouse


smq Raw-materials warehouse


We give life to exclusive creations

With a deep-rooted experience in ribbons production and tapes trimmings for clothing and exclusive creations for the most varied applications, we process different materials to market needs. Day after day, we create ribbons and tapes that have made our company’s name great.

Raw materials

A complete range of fabrics and materials,
infinite customization possibilities

An area of ​​over 1,200 square meters houses the heart of our company's production. An articulated warehouse with a wide assortment of best raw materials to create the most disparate finished-products.

Cotton, acetate and polyester satin, fauxleather, velvet, polyester lining, grosgrain fabric, lamé, lycra, flockedfabric, biflock, polyester georgette, jersey, tulle: from natural to synthetic fabrics, we offer a full range of printed or solid color materials to ensure the widest choice for every customer need.