Rivolti al futuro,
con un occhio puntato
alla tradizione

Efficienza e puntualità,
per non perdere di vista
i nostri obiettivi


Industria Tessile Briolini

Our forefather, Aldo Briolini, founded the company in 1947 in Palazzolo sull'Oglio, Brescia, and then moved it to Cividino di Castelli Calepio (Bergamo) in the building where is now located since 1961. Ours is a family business, with flexible management and we are very attached to our customers who, for the most part, we know almost as well as our historical employees. The proximity to our customers needs and our future-oriented vision allowed us to evolve over they ears by acquiring new machinery and raw materials, expanding our offer to meet the modern needs of the textile market. From the loom-made ribbon, to the biasfolding and cutting fabrics, to laser or high frequency engraving and to the printing of ribbons with multiple customized solutions. Nowadays we move on towards the same target: create a diversification project, drawing the best from a long experience in the processing of tapes for clothing, furnishings, household linen, games, footwear and much more.

A vision open to change

A name, a history
of tireless research

Our story

Industria Tessile Briolini: a name, a history of tireless research

Three generations of entrepreneurs, an experience of over 70 years of history and a great vocation as tape producers. We have always been lovers of optimizing internal resources and have the ability to adapt to change. We tried to pass these skills to our employees who very often spend their working life entirely by our side, feeling part of our success. With them over the years we have been committed to develop solutions suitable for what the customer asks, with a progressive expansion of processes, materials and color charts. Our responsiveness and sensitivity to customer needs have led us to become a leader in textile processing. Poor yet priceless creations, because like all the details they know how to make a difference.

Our service’s best qualities

We guarantee a quick and accurate service, with fast delivery of products, within deadlines required by our customers. All this, without ever neglecting the utmost care in every aspect of the process and in the final quality of our ribbons.
We are able to face disparate needs in processing fabrics and in producing ribbons, thanks to a great diversification of the technical solutions adopted, of the materials and the nuances. The result is an infinite possibility of customization
Our large warehouses of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products and our large color charts allow us to respond to every order, with large or small quantities. We guarantee the customer to always have what he is looking for, at the right time.
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